Student Ministry

Between September 2016 and February 2017 the Memorial (Unitarian) Church piloted a student/campus ministry project. This was run for us by a member of the congregation and recent Cambridge theology graduate, Susanna Hartland.

Although this project is now finished it remains the case that the church remains welcoming to any students interested in exploring in an open-minded and freethinking way all aspects of religion and belief. Please feel free to come to any of our Sunday services or other events or simply contact the minister, Andrew Brown, directly.

If you would like to read a pdf copy of the report about the project written by Susanna Hartland please click on the following link:


You can read the minister, Andrew Brown's additional words given when presenting the report to the national annual Unitarian meetings at the following link:

Neoliberalism's destructive influence both inside & outside the modern Unitarian movement