Jacob.jpgBack in January 2015 the filmmaker and author, Chris Haddon, called me up and asked if he could use the church to do some filming. The project sounded such a good and interesting one that we made the church available for that. It's now up on line and you can find a link to it at the bottom of this page.

But firstly, here's how Chris Haddon describes the project:

52 people from all walks of life over 52 weeks of 2015. People with interesting back stories or talents that often go unmentioned or shown. At times people that, on face value, may not appear to warrant much attention.

Through the books I’ve authored I’m lucky to have met some truly inspiring individuals. During these encounters conversations often strayed from the subject matter that brought us together in the first place. Therefore enabling me to find out the who, why and therefore behind the person being spotlighted. And so with it comes laughter, passion, anger and on occasions tears of sadness and joy. Inevitably these conversations make you re-evaluate your own perspective on life – one of the most unexpected and beneficial rewards from my projects. Often the finest source of inspiration coming from the least expected individuals – making it all the more powerful.

My aim is to produce a series of videos that will inspire viewers, create contemplative moments and help debunk stereotypical opinions based on face value alone. Many base said opinions on so called ‘knowledge’ from those that are assumed to be well informed – often these assumptions are peppered with ignorance. Thank you.

And lastly here's a link to the film. Enjoy.