Unitarian? What’s That? by Cliff Read

A general history of the Unitarian Movement until 1925: “Our Unitarian Heritage” by Earle Morse Wilbur

A book on an important strand of liberal philosophical/theological thinking that you will find in play in the Cambridge community: Existentialism and Religious Liberalism” by John F. Hayward

“What is religious naturalism?” by Jerome A. Stone

“My Evolving Faith: Humanistic Religious Naturalism” by the Reverend Dr. William R. Murry

“Religious Naturalism” demystified: Jerome Stone discusses his research of a growing philosophical movement by Susan Barreto

Non-conformist Church Architecture by Ronald P. Jones, the architect of the Cambridge church. Chapter V, “The Modern Church” describes his ideal building, one which came to fruition in the building of the Cambridge Church in 1927.

A Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography