Preventing Bullying and Harassment Policy

It is the aspiration of this church to be a caring spiritual community. This is, therefore, a zero- tolerance zone for bullies. It is unacceptable for people to be bullied in any home, workplace or community setting. The Cambridge Unitarian Church will therefore not tolerate any bullying behaviour.

Please act at all times with courtesy and consideration treating each other with respect and dignity.

Do not say things behind people’s backs that you would not say to their face.

Do not gossip.

Do not seek to use your status to impose your will.

Do not show disrespect, ridicule, or other kinds of discriminatory behaviour to anyone based on their race, nationality, gender, sexuality, social or economic status, or religion.

Do not trivialize abuse of any kind, commit physical, verbal or emotional abuse and/or allow allegations, suspicions, or concerns about abuse go unchallenged and unreported.

Do, at all times, challenge and correct any behaviour which does not value or respect others.

At all times please be mindful that privileged, powerful, or majority positions in society can all too easily lead to blindness of the impact of what may appear to be ‘harmless’ humour or ’normal’ expression of anger on those for whom the experience of discrimination, harassment, aggression and violence are a common and regular occurrence, and which occur within the context of a long history of cultural and institutional discrimination.

Please raise any concerns with the minister, safeguarding officer (Ben Grey), and/or members of the committee at the contact tab above.