There are four useful facilities for hire within the church estate. They are the Unitarian Hall, the Common Room, the Church and a lightly equipped kitchen.

These are suitable for a wide range of activities, and are conveniently located in the centre of Cambridge adjacent to Drummer Street bus station.

All areas have disabled access. A fully accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities is available.

Parking is not available.

Wifi is available (on request).

For rates and bookings please contact:

Sue Tombs (Lettings Manager) at the Contacts tab above or telephone 01223 967483

Room rates vary according to use. Registered charities will receive discounted rates.

Unitarian Hall

Seating capacity: 60-70

Prior uses: wedding receptions, yoga, tai chi, playgroups, parties, lectures, drama workshops, theatrical performances, concerts, homework clubs, art classes, dances, dance classes, live-action role-playing and political meetings (where the political groups involved are explicitly committed to the democratic process).

Memorably, in 1931, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869–1948) visited the church to speak to the Indian Community Association in the hall. Click HERE to read the newspaper accounts.

Equipment: raised dias/stage, 8 trestle tables each seating eight people, 6 tables each seating four people, 79 solid plastic chairs, Bechstein upright piano, induction loop. Wi-fi available on request.

Common Room

Seating capacity: 20

Prior uses: AA meetings, discussion groups, political meetings, story-tellings, children’s activities, small dinner parties, committee meetings, private music lessons.

Equipment: as per the hall. Wi-fi available on request.

Unitarian Church

Seating capacity: 90

Prior uses: religious services, meditation, lectures, concerts, recitals, music rehearsals, inter-faith and ecumenical gatherings, Holocaust Memorial Day events.

Equipment: 90 chairs, Steinway upright piano, organ, light voice amplification (including induction loop).


The kitchen is set up for the service of tea, coffee, drinks and meals for up to 60-70 people. It is lightly equipped with crockery, cutlery, glasses, etc. There is a double-oven domestic cooker, a small fridge, a microwave and a catering dishwasher.