March 18, 2024

“Free, creative spirituality / How expressed through our daily lives / I’d really love to hear / How it manifests for you . . .” a Sunday thought for the day by Joy Magezis

Free, creative spirituality
How expressed through our daily lives
I’d really love to hear
How it manifests for you

What feeds your spirit
Brings meaning to your life
Builds, resonates with awareness
Of our precious time on this planet

For me, it comes out in poems
Distillation of process
Touching, tasting Mother Nature
As a child upon her earth

Earth who feeds me again, this spring
Red vained sorrel, feast for eyes
Tangy and fresh upon this tongue
Excitement that I planted you

You, vegetables that become me
Interconnection becoming real
That I can’t live without you
How we interpenetrate

You take in my CO2
Turn it into oxygen
Making this breath possible
To feed my precious cells

Cells of this wondrous body
Cells, renewing, dying, reborn
Teaching me wondrous process
Of life‘s continuation

This delicious in-breath
Way down into my belly
Where this morning I’m so grateful
To still be alive

Alive in my safe house
Where Bob and I lived so long
Heat goes on yet again
And I hear the bird song

Song of new life’s promise
New generations to nest
Just starting to be built
As the season changes

What wonder and miracle
In awareness of daily life
The universe for breakfast
Grains, fruit, soya milk

This is how I want to savour
This short time alive as Joy
Product of ancestors
Family, friends, communities

This Community meditating
I feel energy of our awareness
Collectively so much stronger
Than just single Mindfulness

Mindfulness, I’d love to hear about
How it enriches your life
Perhaps in music, songs you share
In a Thought for the Day

A Thought for the Day
Of how you love to cook
The spirituality of sharing food
That basic instinct of love

Love that we so need
In these difficult times
Transforming our suffering
And that of the world

This too, is a process
A practice we are building
Starting with ourselves
That energy resonating outward

The way of mothering
Whatever our gender
That basic instinct of compassion
To feed and love, create

To express in art
Beads strung to remind of vast time
How Mother Earth’s been manifesting
With humans, just an instant

This instant together
To share our spirituality
Please share how it lives
Free, creatively for you

By Joy Magezis