Dear all
Sunday 6 October will be our Harvest Service and this year the church committee is inviting Cambridge Unitarians to make a ‘harvest’ contribution to a local homeless charity, Jimmy’s.
Jimmy’s relies on donations from the public so that they can offer breakfast and a well-balanced, nutritious evening meal to the many people who stay there. A healthy diet is vital to well-being, and by supporting their guests in this ways, they are providing them with a better chance of developing a healthier lifestyle and so cope with the many issues they face. Guests at Jimmy’s prepare lunch for the day, and again this is important for eating well and learning or refreshing skills that are so necessary to live more independently.
Please bring your contributions to church over the next 2 or 3 Sundays.
Sunday 6 October will also be our next Bring & Share Lunch following the morning service. Please bring some food to share on the buffet table.
The Inquirer.  May I encourage you to read this fortnightly magazine – the ‘voice’ of Unitarians and Free Christians in the UK and Ireland.
It covers Unitarian news, articles on contemporary matters, reflective pieces, and letters to the editor. The church receives a number of copies which we give out free to members and friends of the congregation.
Elden and Sue will be promoting this excellent magazine during coffee after the morning services. Please to take a copy and read it.
If you like what you read, and would like your own copy delivered to your home by post, it is possible to subscribe individually. Details at
All good wishes,
Andrew Bethune
Cambridge Unitarians
01480 387883

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